CMA CGM to accept digital signatures for LOIs in Brazil

May, 28, 2020 Posted by datamarnews

Week 202023

CMA CGM informed its customers that it is implementing the digital signature system (eSignature) for Letters of Instructions / Indemnity (eLOIs) in Brazil.  According to the company, eLOIs are available worldwide to CMA CGM customers via the ‘cargo loading’ page on the website.

According to the company, the main benefits of the digital process are the instant processing of information, the possibility of eLOIs being accessed from anywhere and on any device, and the pre-filled form available, which makes the process simple and easy to send.  CMA CGM informed that for the process to take place, there is no need to present a power of attorney, signature, and company logo.

Currently, 9 eLOIs are available on the web platform:

1.Express (Telex) Release

2. Printout of BL at destination (Appendix A and B)

3. Non-endorsed accounts

4.Adjustment of BL

5.Part load BL

6.Confirmation of release of the Special Consignee COVID19 (temporarily online)

7.Confirmation of release of the special Shipper COVID19 (temporarily online)

8. Express (Telex) COVID19 special release (temporarily online)

9.Delay in Transit

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