China opens its market to Chilean citrus fruit exports

May, 18, 2020 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

Week 202021

The Chilean Ministry of Agriculture announced that China has opened its market to receive its citrus fruits. In August 2019, the Chinese had begun inspections of Chilean plantations with a view to taking this measure.

In 2019, Chile exported 336,000 tons of citrus fruits, 29.7% of which were oranges, 27.8% tangerines, 25.7% lemons, and 15% clementines. Currently the main destination for Chilean citrus fruit exports is the United States, which last year imported 283,000 tons (84.4% of total Chilean exports).

The citrus fruit producers in the Coquimbo region are responsible for 36.5% of total citrus exports, followed by the Valparaíso region, responsible for 31.2% and the metropolitan region of Santiago, responsible for 16.1% of all exports.

Source: Port Portal

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