The Alliance announce measures in reponse to COVID-19 for April

Apr, 01, 2020 Posted by datamarnews

Week 202015

Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the forecast of a sharp drop in demand, members of The Alliance, Hapag-Lloyd, HMM, Ocean Network Express and Yang Ming announced that they will modify their shipping itinerary in April. It will look like this:

Asia and Northern Europe

Week 15 – FE2 null

Week 16 – FE4 and FP2 EUR null

Week 17 – null FE2 and FP2 EUR

Week 18 – FE3 and FE4 void

Asia and the Mediterranean

Week 15 – MD1 null

Week 16 – MD2 and MD3 null

Week 17 – MD1 null

Week 18 – MD2 null

Transpacific – West Coast

Week 14 – Null PN4

Week 15 – PS5 and PN4 void

Week 16 – PS4 and PS5 canceled

Week 17 – PS3 *, PS5, PN3 and PN4 canceled

Week 18 – PS4, PS5 void

* HMM does not participate in Week 17 PS3

Transpacific – East Coast (via Panama and Suez Canal)

Week 14 – EC3 null

Week 15 – EC3 null

Week 16 – EC3 null

Week 17 – EC3 null

Week 18 – EC3 null


Week 15 – AL2 and AL5 null

Week 17 – AL1 and AL4 null

* HMM does not participate in the Transatlantic

According to a statement issued by the group, in addition to the trips canceled in April, members of The Alliance are currently preparing structural changes in their services for 2020 and will make their respective announcements in the coming weeks. The adjustments are based on the current market situation.

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