Brazil´s postal service to use cabotage to deliver textbooks to the northern region

Aug, 06, 2020 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

Week 202032

Correios, Brazil´s postal service, intends to use cabotage to deliver textbooks in 2021. For this reason, in June the agency announced it would hire companies interested in providing this service.  It will be the first time that Correios uses this modal. For this reason, on August 12th, it will hold a video conference with companies in the navigation sector to discuss the best strategies for this operation.

The goal is to use cabotage to deliver 17,200 tonnes of textbooks for the next school year (2021). There will be five lots, taken by the publishers to the Port of Santos, which will go to some distribution centers on the North and Northeast axis, destined for public schools. The Correios´ intention with this experiment, is to expand the use of maritime transport for other products and contracts.

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