Transpreto to present financial study to boost shipbuilding in Brazil

May, 11, 2023 Posted by Lucas Lorimer

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Before the beginning of July, Transpetro will present a financial and market study survey to start building ships in Brazil again. Currently, the subsidiary company of Petrobras has 26 vessels of its own and hires the services of ten foreign vessels for its operations. Members of the Federal Government understand that the construction of ships has great potential to generate jobs in the country.

The president of Transpetro, Sergio Bacci, talked about the project last week. He detailed that the company created an internal working group to survey, within two months, all the sector’s demands, the situation of the shipyards, and the costs involved in the operations. “We are going to build ships, but not at any price and not at any deadline.

Bacci explained that part of the efforts is aimed at creating mechanisms to avoid illicit operations. “I went to Brasilia to visit the Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) and the Federal Audit Court (TCU) so that they can monitor this shipbuilding project from scratch. I want close monitoring of the control bodies. And the two institutions have made themselves available to do this work”.

In financial terms, Transpetro informed that it is in surplus and has no cash problems. Among the available sources of funds is the Merchant Marine Fund, established in 1958 to finance the shipping industry. But the company is also joining Petrobras and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) in the mixed commission that will discuss other investment possibilities.

The president of the company said that for 2023, the focus is on expanding customers and increasing the capacity of operations and services offered. “For the naval industry to be effective, it needs to be perennial, to have long-term demand, and unfortunately, here in Brazil, you live in ups and downs. You have ten years of strong shipbuilding, then another ten years without orders. We need to build the project thinking about the country, not the government. It has to be a state project”.

One way to accelerate the construction is to stimulate shipyards that are currently stopped to resume work.

Source: A Tribuna

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