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Brazil’s pork exports to China grow 19% in April

May, 13, 2020 Posted by datamarnews

Week 202021

According to April data released by the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), 72,800 tons of pork were exported during the month, registering 19% year-on-year growth, when 61,100 tons were exported.  Revenues increased by 31.9% over the same period comparison, with a total of US$165.2 million generated in April, compared with US$125.2 million in April 2019.

The cumulative total exported in the year until April reached 280,800 tons, a volume 28.4% higher than year-ago levels, when 218,700 tons were exported. In revenue, the cumulative total stood at US$650.3 million, 53.5% higher than the corresponding period last year, at US$423.6 million.

According to ABPA, the African swine flu, which has affected China since 2018, has favored Brazil’s pork exports, as pork is a Chinese favorite.  The chart below shows the history of Brazilian pork exports since 2015:

Chart Source: DataLiner


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