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Brazil should export ethanol fuel cell, says Volkswagen Latin America CEO

May, 26, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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For Volkswagen Latin America CEO Pablo Di Si, Brazil should be an exporter of ethanol technologies, such as the fuel cell, both to neighboring countries and to the European continent and emerging powers like China and India.

“Brazil needs to think big; it needs to show itself to the world as an important developer of biofuels and export its technology, not just ethanol,” said the executive in a webinar promoted by FENASUCRO on Tuesday, 25.

“We have to think about ethanol, the fuel cell. It can be transported in containers and exported to Europe, to China”, he added.

According to Di Si, it will be necessary to invest in research and development in national institutions so that Brazil can become a world player on the subject of biofuels.

Source: Nova Cana

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