Brazilian fish industry urges gov’t to prioritize fish exports to EU

Aug, 30, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Eduardo Lobo, President of the Brazilian Association of Fish Industries (Abipesca), has advocated for the revitalization of Brazilian fish exports to the European Union (EU) to be treated as a top priority by the federal government.

Lobo presented this request to the Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Fávaro, during a five-hour meeting involving over 30 sector entities on Tuesday afternoon (29).

“We want to regain the right to export to the world’s largest seafood consumer market, which is Europe. We have a comprehensive, unique, and prioritized plea – lifting the embargo on fish exports to the European market,” said Lobo. “It’s urgent.”

Exports of the product to the European bloc were suspended in 2018 by the Ministry of Agriculture itself, following recommendations from European health authorities. Ending the embargo is a significant demand of the productive sector to the government, and it’s often highlighted as one of the foremost challenges by the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, André de Paula.

According to Lobo, Fávaro promised, in collaboration with De Paula, to make an effort to bring a European mission to Brazil in the latter half of the year. This would make discussions about the resumption of exports feasible.

“This is significant because no health issues exist. There is a political issue, and we are urging that it be prioritized,” Lobo remarked.

The industry claims that there are technological requirements for lifting the prohibition. “What is lacking is stronger coordination and the Brazilian government prioritizing fish as a national agenda item, with the primary goal of lifting the embargo on the European market. If we do not reclaim access to the world’s largest market, we are doomed to stifle the industry’s growth,” argued Abipesca’s President.

Source: Canal Rural

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