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Brazil Secures Access to 57 New International Markets for Agricultural Exports in 10 Months

Nov, 16, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Over the past ten months, Brazil has secured authorization to initiate the export of agricultural products to 57 new markets. The sanitary approvals received from each partner country are the outcome of dedicated efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa), involving the provision of technical information and participation in international negotiations. These negotiations have resulted in agreements on sanitary and phytosanitary requirements, facilitating the export of new goods and fostering partnerships in 2023.

Key markets that have been successfully accessed include the export of Brazilian beef to Mexico and pork to the Dominican Republic. Additionally, Brazilian cotton has gained entry into the Egyptian market, and papaya fruits can now be enjoyed in Chile.

Roberto Perosa, the Secretary of Trade and International Relations at Mapa, highlights the expanded participation of Brazilian agricultural products in international trade. “The various agribusiness chains stand to benefit from these new market accesses, leading to sustainable development for all involved, as well as generating income and wealth for Brazil and the sector,” he commented.

In addition to these market openings, the ministry’s teams achieved other significant milestones. This includes the lifting of the ban on Brazilian beef imports in China after the confirmation of an isolated and atypical case of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow disease). They also secured the acceptance of beef stocks produced before the commencement of the embargo. Furthermore, the official quality certification of Brazilian cotton has been acknowledged in the Chinese market.

Cooperation agreements for adopting the “pre-listing” system to qualify exporting establishments were signed in Chile and Cuba. In the United Kingdom, there has been a complete resumption of the pre-listing system for authorizing establishments by the exporting country’s authority. Additionally, enhanced controls in the British inspection of shipments of animal products from Brazil have been lifted.

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