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Brazil is the 4th largest grain producer, behind China, the US, and India, says study

Jun, 02, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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Brazil is the 4th largest producer of grains (rice, barley, soybeans, corn, and wheat) in the world, trailing only China, the United States, and India, and accounts for 7.8% of world production. In 2020, Brazil produced 239 million and exported 123 million tons of grain.

This was demonstrated by a study released on June 1 by EMBRAPA (the Brazilian agricultural research corporation linked to the Ministry of Agriculture). The authors of the study are physicist and data science analyst Adalberto Aragão and researcher Elísio Contini.

Despite being the 4th largest producer, Brazil is the second-largest grain exporter globally, covering 19% of the international market.

In the last 20 years, exports reached more than 1.1 billion tons, representing 12.6% of the total exported worldwide.

“Soybeans, corn, cotton, and meat are the most dynamic products due to the growing foreign demand. The perspective is that they should continue in the coming years. Population growth and rising income in the world are the driving forces of world demand, especially in Asia, China and, soon, India”, says Contini.

Source: G1

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