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ANTAQ data reinforces the importance of maintaining shipping services

Mar, 24, 2020 Posted by datamarnews

Week 202014

Data collected by Antaq indicates that navigation should be maintained despite the coronavirus pandemic. According to the agency, total cargo handled in long haul maritime transport reached around 795 million tons last year. Cabotage contributed with 172 million tons, an increase of 5.44% compared to 2018. Moreover, ANTAQ’s Waterway Statistics show that inland shipping accounted for 40.2 million tons in 2019 –  a 5.1% increase compared to 2018. In addition to these figures, which highlight how imprudent it would be to completely suspend  maritime and waterway transport, the Agency reiterates that according to the Federal Constitution, only central government would be able to interrupt services.

To keep navigation running, ANTAQ`s inspectors continue to operate at their headquarters in Brasília, in the 14 regional units spread across the country and in its outposts. Despite the crisis caused by the coronavirus, companies continue to be inspected on an ordinary basis and, extraordinarily, when there is a complaint. The Agency’s employees are ready to perform both face-to-face inspections and inspections of documents.

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