YTD soybean imports by the European Union total 14.24 million tons as of June 6

Jun, 07, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

Week 202125

Soybean imports from the European Union in the 2020/21 season, which started in July 2020, reached 14.24 million tons by June 6th, according to the European Commission on June 7th. That compares with 14.30 million tons shipped through the same week last season, according to the information.

However, the Commission added that forecasts for France in the latest weekly EU data would only go until 2 June.

Rapeseed imports from the EU in 2020/21 reached 6.03 million tons, compared to 5.78 million a year ago.

Soybean meal imports so far in 2020/21 were 15.84 million tons against 16.96 million the previous year, while palm oil imports were 4.89 million tons versus 5.42 million last year.

As of January 1, the European Commission’s information covered only the 27 EU countries, while previous forecasts up to December 31 covered the 27 EU countries and the UK.

Source: Money Times

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