World’s largest melon exporter chooses Mucuripe as outlet

Aug, 23, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The export operations of Ceará-grown melons, produced by Agrícola Famosa, the world’s largest producer and exporter of fruit, will begin on the 30th.

The first shipment – which will mark the beginning of this era – will take place at the port of Fortaleza, Mucuripe, where all melon yields by Famosa will be transported to Europe.

The maiden voyage will be made by the ship “Honduras,” carrying two hundred 20-foot containers loaded with melon. Two months ago, Agrícola Famosa signed a contract with the shipping company GreenSea, which will provide exclusive ships to serve its Ceará-based customer.

Agrícola Famosa’s melon and watermelon were, until recently, shipped via the port of Pecém, but the company has now decided to use Mucuripe because the Companhia Docas do Ceará, which manages the port of Fortaleza, “has given us special treatment and attention,” commented Luiz Roberto Barcelos, partner, and director of Institutional Relations at Agrícola Famosa.

Source: Diário do Nordeste

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