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Verde Agritech obtains a permit to build railways in the state of Minas

Sep, 18, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Verde Agritech has obtained a license from the National Agency for Land Transport (ANTT) and the Ministry of Infrastructure (MINfra) to build a railway branch in the interior of Minas Gerais. The railway will allow the agricultural technology company, which produces potash fertilizer, to transport up to 50 million tons of the product annually.

In a statement, the company explained that the railway branch will be connected to a railway network that spans seven states and the Federal District, with a portion administered by Ferrovia Centro Atlântica (FCA).

With the approval of the competent authorities, It was published this Tuesday (12) in the Official Gazette of the FederationVerde Agritech is now waiting to sign a contract with ANTT to use the railway on an exclusive basis. After that, environmental and engineering studies for the project will begin.

In the statement, Verde Agritech’s founder and CEO, Cristiano Veloso, stated that Verde’s mines contain the largest identified potassium deposit in Brazil, totaling 3.32 billion tons, in accordance with the NI 43-101 standard. The executive also highlighted that the project reduces Brazil’s dependence on imported potassium.

The potassium produced by the company is chlorine-free, which helps improve soil microbiota. However, it has a lower potassium concentration compared to imported KCL.

Verde Agritech currently operates two plants that can produce up to 3 million tons of fertilizers annually. Last year, the company announced investments of R$ 275 million for the construction of a third plant, increasing production capacity to 13 million tons per year.

Source: Globo Rural

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