Two BRF units in Mato Grosso cleared to export chicken wings to Canada

Mar, 16, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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BRF informed that its units located in Nova Mutum and Lucas do Rio Verde, in Mato Grosso, have been authorized by the Canadian government to export chicken wings to Canada. According to the company, after government auditors inspected all stages of protein production, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the country’s health agency, completed the process.

“With these qualifications, today we have 15 plants certified to export to Canada, an important destination for the future of BRF”, said Luiz Tavares, Global Manager of BRF International Institutional Relations. According to the executive, BRF is also waiting for the opening of the pork market to explore commercial opportunities with the Canadian market.

In addition to the BRF plants in Nova Mutum and Lucas do Rio Verde, other units also authorized to export poultry meat to Canada.include Concórdia (SC), Rio Verde (GO), Mineiros (GO), Serafina Corrêa (RS), Chapecó (SC), Uberlândia (MG), Dourados (MS), Marau (RS), Francisco Beltrão (PR), Carambeí (PR), Capinzal (SC), Toledo (PR), and Videira (SC).

Francisco Beltrão unit is qualified to export turkey meat to Mexico

In addition to the qualification of the units for Canada, the Francisco Beltrão (PR) unit of BRF was recently qualified to export turkey meat to Mexico, with authorization from the National Service for Health, Safety, and Agrifood Quality (SENASICA).

The qualification process included an eight-hour audit of the factory via videoconference, by which Mexican government auditors inspected, in real-time, all stages of production. It was the first video audit for turkey exports made in Brazil.

“Returning to exporting the product to the second-largest economy in Latin America is part of the long-term growth strategy of our Vision 2030”, concludes Tavares.

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