Turkey Launches Monitoring Site for Ukraine-Russia Grain Deal

Jul, 29, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar unveiled a center in Istanbul to oversee the export of Ukrainian grains after a landmark U.N. deal last week, with the first shipment expected to depart from Black Sea ports within days.

“This initiative plays a pivotal role for the entire planet, and we will work for humanitarian purposes,” said Minister Akar on July 27.

In the Istanbul center, which spans the Bosphorus, military officials from the three countries, along with the UN, are expected to oversee exports and resolve any issues that may arise, including attacks on the ships.

Inside the facility, located at the National Defense University in Istanbul, a table with computer workstations was set up, with one side of the table designated for each participant in the agreement, marked by the Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, and UN flags.

A large screen displayed a map of the Black Sea on one wall.

Turkish officials said that twenty people representing each of the four parties to the agreement will work at the center.

Uncertainty surrounds the grain export agreement, which can unleash millions of tons of grain needed to solve a worldwide food crisis.

Such uncertainty arises because Russia launched a missile attack on the port of Odesa, one of the prominent grain exporting ports covered by the agreement.

Source: Money Times

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