Success in exports, Brazilian tilapia to be exported to Cuba

Jul, 26, 2023 Posted by Lillian Smoak

Week 202331

Last week, the Brazilian Fish Farming Association (Peixe BR) received a commission of technicians from the Government of Cuba with the aim of verifying the equivalence of the Brazilian Sanitary Inspection System for importing farmed Brazilian fish. The technical group visited the tilapia processing plants of C.Vale – Cooperativa Agroindustrial (PR) and Mar & Terra Indústria e Comércio de Pescados (MS).

After the commission’s visit, the Cuban authority will issue a final opinion with the considerations made during the visits and the decisions regarding the adaptations of the system necessary to continue the business. This authorization opens doors for other fish farming plants to also be qualified for export.

Today tilapia is the most important farmed fish commodity in Brazil and the world. In 2022 alone, Brazilian protein exports were destined for more than 42 countries – technical missions contribute to giving credibility to the Brazilian production chain.

“It is important for us to receive technical missions, so that they can get to know the reality of the activity that is in full development in Brazil. Peixe BR works to promote and value fish farming, and one of the pillars is to approach countries that have a demand for our product, seeking opportunities to generate business”, adds Francisco Medeiros, Executive President of Peixe BR.

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