State and Federal Partnership: Secex Implements NF-e Changes for Export Simplification

Nov, 09, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

Week 202345

The Foreign Trade Secretariat of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade, and Services (Secex/MDIC) entered into a Technical Cooperation Agreement this week with the Finance Secretariats of all Brazilian states and the Federal District, within the scope of the National Council of Fiscal Policy (Confaz), to promote integration among the agencies.

The agreement ensures Secex’s participation in the working group meetings of Confaz that discuss foreign trade topics.

One of these topics is the facilitation of issuing Electronic Invoices (NF-e) to convert consignment exports into definitive exports. Consignment exports involve exporters sending goods abroad without an actual commercial transaction for future sales. This practice is common in the gems and jewelry sector and in e-commerce platforms.

Furthermore, the agreement institutionalizes the procedure for accessing data from the computerized systems under Secex’s administration, used by the tax inspection of each federative unit.

The Secretary of Foreign Trade, Tatiana Prazeres, emphasizes that the initiative allows the federal and state governments to work together to simplify export and import processes without compromising the required controls, with a focus on actions developed within the context of the Single Foreign Trade Portal Program.

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