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São Francisco do Sul is Brazil main entryway for imported steel

Jun, 30, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The Port of São Francisco do Sul is the gateway for most of the steel used in Brazil.

In the first five months of 2022, 1.2 million tonnes arrived through the port complex located in the north of Santa Catarina, representing 58% of the total steel landings in the country (2 million tonnes). The data are from the National Institute of Steel Distributors (Inda).

According to information passed on by the entity’s President, Carlos Loureiro, to Reuters, the Port of São Francisco was responsible for 61% of flat steel imports in Brazil in May alone.

In that month, ships unloaded 266 thousand tonnes of the product, which arrived from China in the form of coils. The total imported by the country in May was 436 thousand tonnes.

Since the beginning of the year, steel imports have been growing progressively at the Port of São Francisco: in addition to the 266 thousand tonnes in May, April arrivals brought 253 thousand. The number was 249 thousand in March; in February, 247 thousand, and in January, 166 thousand.

“Our structure has been recently prepared to facilitate the flow of products such as steel, increasing the competitiveness of São Francisco do Sul,” said the President of the Port, Vladimir Fey, remembering that the port inaugurated a new gate this year with three scales that facilitated the entry and exit of trucks.

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