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Santos City Calls For Studies on Export Processing Zones Implementation

Nov, 07, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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With the aim of establishing Export Processing Zones (EPZs) and boosting the regional economy, the city of Santos has issued a public call for studies on the topic. These studies will be conducted voluntarily, without any cost to the Municipality. The notice was published in the Official Gazette of the city last Wednesday. Interested individuals or entities, either individually or collectively, have until the 30th to submit the required documentation via email.

EPZs are free trade areas intended for the production of goods for export and the provision of services linked to export activities. They operate as industrial hubs to foster an export culture, strengthening the trade balance and invigorating the economy. Proximity to the Port of Santos is crucial to making this concept a reality.

According to the Municipality, the objective is to call upon interested parties to present studies to support the demarcation of areas that can accommodate EPZs, as well as new port, land terminals, and industrial areas. The intention is to amend Complementary Law 729, dated July 11, 2011, which regulates land use and occupation in the Continental Area of the Municipality.

“This initiative represents another step toward driving the economic development of our city and region. The Municipality is not only opening doors for investments but also creating employment opportunities and income generation. It’s a strategic approach that not only strengthens the economy but lays the foundation for the future of the Port of Santos,” says Bruno Orlandi, the Secretary of Port Affairs and Employment.

How It Works

According to the notice, the studies must be submitted via email to the City at the following email addresses: seport@santos.sp.gov.br and sedurb@santos.sp.gov.br.

The evaluation of the studies will be conducted by the Municipal Secretariats of Port Affairs and Employment and Urban Development, considering the following guidelines: alignment with the object and scope of the study, consistency, and coherence with the information that underpins it, compliance with the legislation applicable to the subject, a comparative demonstration of cost and benefit concerning equivalent alternatives, and socio-economic impact.

To support the evaluation, the involved departments may request additional information, documents, and clarifications from the proponent through a message sent to the email address indicated in the presentation letter. The secretariats may request corrections or changes to the studies presented, aiming to meet the demands of control entities or adapt them to applicable legal, regulatory, or technical provisions.

Depending on the degree of utilization, the study may be approved, partially rejected, or entirely rejected. In the event of approval, the respective copyrights regarding the material submitted will be assigned to the Municipality.

Source: A Tribuna

To read the original news text, please visit: https://www.atribuna.com.br/noticias/portomar/prefeitura-de-santos-abre-prazo-para-estudos-sobre-implantacao-de-zpe

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