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Porto Murtinho’s new terminal to start operating in December 2020

Oct, 21, 2019 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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Last week, Navios South American Logistics, considered one of the largest logistics companies in South America, operating today in Uruguay and Paraguay and with an office in Corumbá, presented to the governor of Mato Grosso do Sul, Reinaldo Azambuja, the project of a terminal in Porto Murtinho, which is expected to operate in December 2020. The new structure will have silos with a capacity for 800,000 tons of grain and four 15,000 m³ tanks and will export soybeans and corn and import liquids and fertilizers.

Navios South American Logistics will invest R$120m to build a river port in Porto Murtinho, taking advantage of the logistic potential of Mato Grosso do Sul to export commodities through the Paraguay Waterway and the strategic position of the border municipality with Paraguay to become a new Paranaguá.

The idea is that, covering the state’s largest grain producing region, Porto Murtinho will become a state export hub by waterway and highway, concentrating a new port complex and corridor of the Bioceanic Route (Atlantic-Pacific), with the construction of the Brazil-Paraguay bridge over the Paraguay River. In addition to the Navios Logistics terminal, two more will be built in the municipality – one of which is from FV Cereais, scheduled to operate in March 2020.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Secretaries Eduardo Riedel (Government and Strategic Management) and Jaime Verruck (Environment, Economic Development, Production, and Family Farming), Reinaldo Azambuja announced to the group that, in October, the State Government will open the bidding for the road contour work, which will serve the three ports designed in Porto Murtinho. The state investment will be of R$28m.

The governor also assured the new investors that the definitive license to install the new terminal will be delivered on October 25, and said he is dealing with Minister Tereza Cristina Dias (Agriculture, Livestock, and Supplies) about the phytosanitary issues to meet the new regional production outlet corridor. He also said that he began negotiations with Infraero about the concession of the Porto Murtinho airport.

According to Secretary Jaime Verruck, the presentation of the new port project and the statements of the representatives of the Chinese and Taiwanese food industries present at the meeting, made clear the dimension of logistics and the high degree of competitiveness of the state’s new export route. “Murtinho is the best option, where the producer will have an additional gain of ten dollars per ton,” he noted.

“Looking at the market, the substantial cost reduction with the new logistics and the new investors, there is no doubt that we will have a new Paranaguá, which also impresses importers, such as the Asians, by Porto Murtinho’s strategic position and the state’s potential as a food producer,” added Verruck. He said China is the state’s leading importer of soybeans and corn, with 42%, and whose demand is rising.

The new terminal will be built over an area of ​​215 meters facing the Paraguay River and will employ state-of-the-art design and support operations with the ability to handle multiple cargoes including corn, soybeans, sugar, fertilizers, fuels, and general cargo. Navios Logistics has been operating in Nova Palmira (Uruguay) since 1956, with solid bulk and ore terminals, and has fuel terminals in Paraguay.

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