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Port of Santos grants increased flexibility for truck arrival scheduling

Nov, 23, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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On November 22, the Santos Port Authority published a decision making it more flexible to schedule the arrival of containers by road at the Port of Santos. With the alteration in the rules, it is possible to cancel arrival appointments with two hours’ notice at most. Another change allows data on the driver and vehicles to be changed without affecting the cargo reception.

According to SPA’s Director of Operations, Marcelo Ribeiro, the new regulation aims to optimize the use of idle space. “Given that one of the greatest demands of carriers is a lack of scheduling windows at the terminals,” says Ribeiro, “this measure will have a significant impact on the Port’s logistics.”

Decree 124.2022 answers the requests of transport associations. The two-hour deadline for canceling the arrival of containers allows the terminal to make the vacant time available to other carriers, ultimately optimizing the logistical flow in the port.

Another significant change included is the possibility of replacing trucks that were broken down or experienced other problems that prevented them from making it to the appointment.

The full text of ordinance 124.2022 was published on the Port of Santos website. For questions and more information, contact SPA’s Logistics Systems sector by phone at (13) 3202-6565, extension 2731, or emailportolog@brssz.com.

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