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Port of Itajaí to remain under city and federal control

Mar, 03, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The city of Itajaí obtained a significant victory on March 2. At a meeting in Brasília, the Minister of Ports and Airports, Márcio França, confirmed to city representatives that the Port of Itajaí will remain public for another 35 years; he also promised to lease the port’s terminals with extra agility. What is new is that the Federal Government will also have a stake in the new management model, which allows it to contribute with more investments to develop the port complex.

“The Port of Itajaí will continue to be public, managed jointly by the Itajaí City and the Federal Government. The City Hall will be in charge of the port authority for another 35 years, and now still have to find a formula to do this, allow the ships to return to Itajaí, generate work and income,” Márcio França, Minister of Ports and Airports, assured.

The decision was taken in a meeting with the mayor of Itajaí, Volnei Morastoni, and the superintendent of the Port of Itajaí, Fábio da Veiga. Deputies, senators, and other municipal authorities also participated in the meeting.

“In this important meeting, we started tracing the path for a solution to the situation at the Port of Itajaí, and we were very well received. A task force will formulate a proposal to bring the process to a conclusion, maintaining the port authority public and with the participation of the Federal Government, which will be able to help the port with investments and negotiations with the market,” highlighted Mayor Volnei Morastoni.

Now, a working group formed by representatives of the city, the port, and organized civil society will prepare a document in support of the lease of the port’s terminals adjusted to the new proposed management model. The proposal should be submitted within 30 days.

“Making sure the port authority would remain public was an old wish of the city, which can now start finding solutions to several port issues. We will hear about the final decision regarding the auction at some point next month. That was a great meeting and an important day,” celebrated the superintendent of the Port of Itajaí, Fábio da Veiga.

Congressman Carlos Chiodini, who organized the meeting between the city government and the Ministry of Ports and Airports, made an appreciation remark on the productivity of the meeting. “The Federal Government has shown itself willing to find a way out that involves the Municipality of Itajaí as the driver of port development in the region. So, in the coming days, this proposal will be developed so that the port can again have great movement, a great life, and a leading role,” the congressman emphasized.

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