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Port of Itajaí launches tender protocol for two-year operation of berths

Aug, 05, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The Superintendence of the Port of Itajaí launched on August 4 the tender protocol for the lease of berths 1 and 2. The new lessee will operate at the port for a maximum of two years while the Ministry of Infrastructure does not finalize the privatization process of the Port of Itajaí.

APM Terminals currently run the operation at the two berths. Still, the company rejected the port’s proposal to extend the contract, which ends in December this year, until the end of privatization. With this, a new company will operate the two berths, starting in January 2023, until the end of the privatization process.

“After APM Terminals refused to maintain activities under the same conditions, we see no alternative but to conduct a simplified tender process. The company with the best proposal will take on the transition lease and be in charge of our port until the privatization is done. APM Terminals will also be able to submit bids in this process,” explains the superintendent of the Port of Itajaí, Fábio da Veiga. The call for bids starts with the publication of the tender protocol in Brazil’s official gazette and runs until 7 pm on August 12.

The new leaseholder of the mooring berths will have an initial contract of six months, which can be extended up to a maximum of two years, or until the entire privatization process is completed.

Port will remain under municipal management for two years

In a meeting in Brasilia, the Municipality of Itajaí and the Federal Government signed last week the extension of the contract that gives the city government the right to manage the port. The renewal of the agreement for the grant of the Port of Itajaí was officialized until the end of the privatization process.

A clause in the extension contract allows the Government to terminate the agreement with the municipality before the two-year extension period. Eliminating this measure would be important for the port to prevent socio-economic problems that could emerge from logistical insecurity. The clause, however, was maintained.

“We think that these next two years will be extremely important to provide economic security to market players keep lines to the Port of Itajaí. However, the the position of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Secretary of Ports was irreducible and we have no other option but to sign this renewal under the present conditions to avoid a discontinuity in management at the Port of Itajaí. Thanks to that, the port will continue working until the end of the privatization process,” explains Fábio da Veiga, who participated at the meeting.

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