Port of Itajaí: Federal Government Sets Definitive Auction Date for 2025

Nov, 16, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Ports and Airports, has updated the auction schedule for the Port of Itajaí in Santa Catarina. The upcoming steps include a public consultation on the port’s concession model and the final auction, spanning 35 years, scheduled for January 2025.

According to the document, in response to demands from unions of independent and affiliated workers in the port areas of Itajaí, Navegantes, Florianópolis, and the Vale do Itajaí region, the next stage involves opening a public consultation set to take place in November 2023.

“Considering the importance of a broad dialogue with the local port community, the possibility of opening a new public consultation on the project is being evaluated, providing an opportunity for stakeholders to learn, question, express opinions, suggest, and contribute to the concession process,” the document states.

The proposal also emphasizes a series of meetings and discussions with representatives from the Port of Itajaí Superintendence, the Itajaí Municipality, and other public authorities.

Temporary and definitive leases for the Port of Itajaí

According to the Port of Itajaí’s spokesperson in a conversation with the port’s superintendent, Fábio da Veiga, the definitive lease for 35 years through an auction is expected to take place in January 2025.

The Port of Itajaí is currently undergoing a temporary lease for two years with the possibility of renewal for an additional two years, which is still ongoing, and the winning company has not been determined yet. However, this process is expected to be completed by December 2023.

For Ernando, a union representative from Itajaí, the Federal Government’s resolutions represent positive expectations for the port, which has been idle since December 2022.

“The expectation is to stimulate the market, and major shipping companies are gearing up to compete in the auction,” highlighted Ernando.

Port of Itajaí to follow a public-private model

In line with the resolutions, the Federal Government is revisiting the existing model to maintain a Public Port Authority in partnership with a private entity to ensure the necessary investments for the Port of Itajaí and its full development in the shortest possible time.

“To achieve this, adjustments are being made to the model to align with government guidelines, making the most of the version of the studies analyzed by that Court of Accounts, as well as the determinations and recommendations issued by the TCU so that the definitive concession of the Port of Itajaí can be carried out as soon as possible,” the document states.

Source: ND Mais

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