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Port of Imbituba initiates bidding process for Liquid Bulk Terminal

Oct, 16, 2020 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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In Brasilia (DF) on October 13, SCPAR Port of Imbituba filed the Technical, Economic and Environmental Feasibility Study (EVTEA) of the liquid bulk terminal (TGL) of the Port of Imbituba.

According to Brazilian port management standards, EVTEA is the initial stage of bidding processes for the lease of areas within organized (public) ports. The study presents a series of information on movement forecast, investments, cost estimates, and other factors to leverage the port enterprise.

The Imbituba TGL is between Pier 1 and 3. Currently, it is composed of three storage tanks, two of which are out of operation. The operating tank has a capacity of 4,826 m³. The terminal also has 806 meters of supply ducts that connect the Pier to the TGL, and equipment for loading road-transport vehicles. The transitional lease – for a period of up to 180 days or until the bidding process for a 25-year long-term lease is completed – is in the bidding phase.

“The next step after the delivery of EVTEA is to wait for a statement from the National Ports Secretariat about the study. We are confident that the signed document will make it possible for us to take an important step in the qualification process and better manage the port’s infrastructure, taking advantage of its full potential,”  says the director of the port authority, Fábio Riera. The last long-term lease signed by the Port of Imbituba was in 2008, for the Container Terminal (TECON).

The TGL study was produced by NCA Engenharia, Arquitetura e Meio Ambiente and given by the company Fertisanta.

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