Piauí state export customs zone concludes first int’l shipment

Nov, 21, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The Piauí state Export Processing Zone (EPZ), located in the city of Parnaíba, concluded its first international shipment procedure on Monday, Nov 21. A carnauba wax container left the state with all the customs procedures already completed and arrived at the Port of Pecém, where it will depart for its destination.

The carnauba wax was produced in the first industry plant installed inside the EPZ. Before the implementation of the special customs zone, the company needed a representative at the Port of Pecém to work all customs procedures in advance. Now, Federal Revenue auditors and dispatchers based within the Piauí EPZ can carry out these procedures, saving companies’ costs and time.

“The goods were transported by road from the Customs Clearance Area of the Piauí EPZ to Pecém. They are already considered in international transit from the moment they leave our ADA. All that is left to do when they arrive in Pecém is to place them on the ship,” explains Victor Hugo, CEO of Investe Piauí.

Inaugurated in February this year, the Piauí EPZ houses two industries and ten export-focused startups. According to Victor Hugo, another 11 companies have filed requests to move to the customs zone; they are awaiting authorization from the Ministry of Economy.

Source: Meio Norte

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