Pecém Port eyes electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen

Oct, 04, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The Port of Pecém’s Industrial Complex (CIPP) in Brazil is set to produce electrolyzers through an industry linked to green hydrogen (H2V) production. These investments are part of the plans for establishing a green hydrogen hub within the port-industry, according to the Government of the State of Ceará, which manages the facility.

The announcement was made by Governor Elmano de Freitas during a visit to the Port of Pecém last Friday (29). Also present were Vice President and Minister of Development, Industry, Trade, and Services, Geraldo Alckmin, and the Minister of Education, Camilo Santana. They were welcomed by CIPP President Hugo Figueiredo and the President of the Ceará Free Trade Zone (ZPE), Eduardo Neves.

“In addition to green hydrogen production, the state is also studying and negotiating the production of electrolyzers, which would be an industry linked to H2V. The goal is to invest in ventures across the entire hydrogen chain at the Port of Pecém. We already have wind turbines, for example. We want to develop the entire chain to make the new green industry even more comprehensive and robust in Ceará,” emphasized Governor Freitas.

Vice President Geraldo Alckmin recognized the potential of the port-industry. “This is the future. It’s the realization of the neo-industrialization of clean and renewable energy, producing hydrogen that will serve the world. Here, a green hydrogen hub, attracting industrial investments,” he emphasized.

“Everyone who knows the Pecém Complex is impressed by its potential, especially due to its infrastructure and operational cost advantages. The best example of this potential is the partnership with the Port of Rotterdam, which wouldn’t have come to Ceará if it hadn’t believed in this privileged location, with natural draught, and other advantages,” highlighted Camilo Santana.

Green Hydrogen

With recent approvals from both the External Financing Commission (Cofiex), which approved a $90 million loan for investment in CIPP, and the State Council for the Environment (Coema), which approved the implementation of the Green Hydrogen Hub at the Port of Pecém, the new investment reality surrounding H2V production has become even more tangible.

“We already have 32 memorandums of understanding signed for green hydrogen investments, covering various stages of the production chain, from production to transportation, including logistics. These are companies from various parts of the world, including Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and Brazil. Our efforts are aimed at turning these memorandums into action, into projects,” pointed out CIPP President Hugo Figueiredo.

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