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Oil platforms dock at Rio de Janeiro Port for repairs

Sep, 27, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

Week 202339

Over the past weekend, three oil platforms from the Campos Basin were anchored in the Port of Rio de Janeiro. Those passing through Guanabara Bay or over the Rio-Niterói Bridge will have the opportunity to admire the landscape with all three platforms anchored simultaneously, and this spectacle is expected to last for at least a month.

According to Roque Pizarroso, the Waterway Access Manager of the Port of Rio de Janeiro, the demand for anchoring areas for oil platforms is on the rise: “When contracts with Petrobras expire, several platforms are released from the exploration field at the same time. During their stay in the port, they undergo repairs, machinery and equipment upgrades, and possibly a crew change.” After this deactivation period, the platform can return to operation under a new contract.

The platforms anchored in the Port of Rio de Janeiro include the drilling ship ODN I, located in anchoring area 2F1A; the Ocean Courage platform, which arrived in the 2F11 North area; and the NORBE VI platform, situated in the 2F11 South anchoring area. All of these anchoring areas are suitable for the stay of platforms.

These complex anchoring operations took place from Friday (22) to Sunday (24), with one platform being anchored per day, involving professionals from PortosRio, the Brazilian Navy, and the Rio de Janeiro Pilots. Roque Pizarroso emphasized: “This type of operation is highly sophisticated and requires expertise from the professionals involved, but it was a success. Guanabara Bay offers sheltered waters that meet all the necessary depth, wind, and current requirements for the operation.”

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