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New Suape Port Development and Zoning Plan Published

Feb, 19, 2020 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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The Port of Suape has released its new Development and Zoning Plan (PDZ). Prepared by the port authority, the document was approved by Brazil’s Ministry of Infrastructure.

The PDZ forecasts the projected demand for the Organized Port in the short, medium and long term and what it will take to meet that demand. In the PDZ, demand projections, capacity and expansion calculations are conducted up to 2035 while at the same time publishing a vision of the future after that. The document is a revision of the previous PDZ, approved in 2010 by the Port Authority.

To meet the demand for future cargo, the PDZ also updated its view of the port area based on planned improvements and investments.

The following table shows cargo projections for the Port of Suape:

New Terminals

Although the Master Plan does not conclude there is a need for new infrastructure, the updated cargo projection signals the need to adjust, or adapt, five areas of the port in order to implement new terminals over the next 15 years.

The adaptation works required in the port were analyzed, keepign in mind what would enable the installation of new terminals. This will potentially require the opening of new channels, deepening and widening of existing channels, and contracting of landfill services.

The plan also concluded that there is a need to build new berths and to implement infrastructure that will enable the terminal to function. One example is the necessary expansion of transport systems to meet the new demand and the increase in the movement of cargo and people.

Container handling:

The need for new infrastructure was identified to meet demand for growing container throughput in the short term. Currently the second container terminal (TECON II – SUA05) is already being implemented.

Expected container throughput at the Port of Suape is expected to reach approximately 1.8 million TEUs in 2035, meaning there is a need to implement the second terminal with sufficient capacity to meet excess demand.

Dry bulk mineral terminal

In order to meet the increased demand for dry bulk mineral, a cargo currently not massively moved through the port, the plan foresees the construction of a specialized terminal. The construction of the Transnordestina means the port will receive cargo from a mining company located south of Piauí.

Multipurpose terminal I

In order not to restrict possible future demand for general cargo handling, the study found it was important to build a multi-use terminal.

The proposal is to build a linear expansion of the waterfront in contiguity with the second container terminal.

Multipurpose terminal II

In order to meet demand for new cargo from the Transnordestina railway the plan calls for the construction of a new terminal. New cargoes may include fertilizers, soybeans and corn, all of which are not currently handled at the port. The proposal is for warehousing to be located inside a railway reverse loop to optimize cargo handling.

Liquid Bulk Terminal

The revision of liquid bulk projections was possible by using more robust data from 2017, which enabled analysis of the real impact of the Abreu e Lima Refinery on liquid bulk cargoes. The plan foresees the implementation of new terminals in the cluster area south of the port in the short term.

Post-2035 expansion

In order not to restrict the growth of the port, the plan also foresees new terminals must be built until the entire operational area of ​​the port is occupied. This means the construction of 10 terminals along the edge of the pier.

Currently however cargo projections do not justify this construction, therefore it is proposed that this will happen only after 2035. It was proposed that berths be built to meet the needs of Newpanamax and Panamax ships measuring 366 meters and 227 meters respectively.

Current volume of Suape Port

The below chart, made with data from DataLiner, plots deep-sea and cabotage operations at the Port of Suape since 2015:

See below the general development plan for the Port of Suape:

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