New cabotage company starts operations in Amazonas port

Feb, 09, 2024 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Norcoast’s entry into Brazil’s cabotage market has sparked excitement among business leaders and union authorities at the Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services, and Tourism of Amazonas (Fecomércio AM). Operations kicked off this Wednesday (7) at the port of Santos, with a weekly rotation that includes stops at Paranaguá, Suape, Pecém, and Manaus.

Aderson Frota, president of Fecomércio Amazonas, underscores that increased competition will inject new energy into the transportation sector, ultimately leading to a wider array of services and lower freight costs.

“The introduction of Norcoast to the cabotage market marks a significant step forward for the region’s economic growth. Healthy competition among companies will directly benefit local entrepreneurs and consumers,” Frota remarks.

Norcoast, a joint venture between Hapag-Lloyd and Norsul, brings a comprehensive logistics proposal and door-to-door service to major Brazilian ports, including Manaus. With each ship boasting a capacity of 3.5 thousand TEUs and a weekly rotation, the company pledges to provide an efficient and reliable option for cargo transport in the region.

Gustavo Paschoa, CEO of Norcoast, emphasizes their goal of granting customers access to coastal navigation. “For those already utilizing maritime transport, we aim to increase capacity within the system. And for those yet to adopt this mode, we offer user-friendly tools and dedicated teams to understand their specific needs and maximize flexibility, enabling us to handle even more cargo for domestic maritime transport,” Paschoa explains.

The company’s ships offer boarding and disembarking windows on the same days and times, facilitating better planning, enhancing logistical efficiency, and ensuring regular capacity with consistency. Through a digital platform, clients can track cargo movement at every stage of the journey, providing transparency and peace of mind.

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