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MINFRA signs four new TUP contracts in Pará

Feb, 11, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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On February 10, the Ministry of Infrastructure (MINFRA) signed four new contracts for the development of private-use terminals (TUPs) in the state of Pará through SNPTA (the national secretariat of ports and water transport). The four contracts are with Sabbá Oil, Louis Dreyfus, Cargill, and Infrastructure Asset Management (ABI). Together, they will receive investments of R$ 616.5 million for handling various cargo, such as grains and fuels.

“The new contracts with the terminals will supply a demand for cargo handling in the region, which has become a strategic logistics corridor and is in constant growth”, declared the National Secretary for Ports and Waterways, Diogo Piloni.

The Cargill and Louis Dreyfus terminals are in the area of ​​influence of the agricultural bulk export route through Arco Norte, in the municipalities of Rurópolis and Itaituba. They will be responsible for handling solid bulk, mainly vegetable. The total estimate of cargo handling at both terminals is 6.7 million tons/year.

The Petróleo Sabbá and ABI terminals will handle liquid fuel bulk destined for fuel storage, distribution, and regional supply in the facilities’ respective areas of influence in the municipalities of Itaituba and Santarém. In this region, river navigation is an efficient and safe logistics alternative for transporting and receiving large volumes of dangerous cargo.

Private Use Terminals (TUPs) are terminals granted by ANTAQ (the national waterway transport agency) to private companies. The new regulatory framework for the port sector (Law 12.815 / 2013 and Decree 8.033 / 2013) defined new terms for the exploitation of TUPs, facilitating access to private resources. In two years, the Federal Government has signed 78 adhesion contracts with companies, which represents R$ 6 billion in investments in the modal.

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