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Live cattle from Brazil to be slaughtered in the Emirates

Jun, 02, 2021 Posted by Ruth Hollard

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Live cattle from Brazil will be used for meat production through halal slaughter and milk production in the United Arab Emirates. Sanitary certification was approved in mid-April to import live Brazilian cattle and buffaloes into the Emirates. This represents the opening of this market to more animals from Brazil, according to MAPA – the ministry of agriculture, livestock, and food supply.

Possible exporters such as the Brazilian Association of Cattle Exporters (Abeg) inform that no contracts are signed yet, but assess that the main demands for Brazilian live cattle in the United Arab Emirates are for halal slaughter and milk production according to MAPA information. Halal slaughter is slaughter according to the rules of Islam for Muslim products.

Brazil had already exported live cattle to the Emirates before issuing the certification, but MAPA explains that small groups of animals were shipped on a one-off basis. Up to April this year, no cattle or live buffaloes were exported from Brazil to the United Arab Emirates, according to figures supplied by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

Certification is the standard of sanitary requirements that must be followed in all export shipments of cattle and buffaloes from Brazil to the country. According to MAPA, the main benefit is that potential exporters can already predict the costs of operations with prior knowledge of the requirements of importing countries.

Source: Brazil-Arab News Agency

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