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Itaqui Port Breaks Record of Soybean Export Operations

Jun, 10, 2024 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

Week 202424

Itaqui Port recently broke its record in soybean export operations in a single month, marking a significant historical milestone. The port’s record of 2,017,627 tonnes set in June 2023 was exceeded in May 2024 with 2,151,821 tonnes of cargo handled. This sum accounts for 82.8% of the year-to-date volume thus far and 92.2% of the mechanized bulk solid handling for the month.

“We are proud to achieve this figure at Itaqui Port. Soybean operations in May 2024 not only surpass the previous record but also demonstrate the efficiency and operational capacity of our port,” stated Operations Director Hibernon Marinho.

The operation was divided between the Maranhão Grain Terminal (TEGRAM), which saw 1,499,402 tonnes (69.68%), and VLI, responsible for 652,419 tonnes (30.32%).

There were 33 dockings in May alone, the highest number of soybean ships operated in a single month. The previous record was set in June 2023, with 31 ships. The most productive berth was berth 100, with 12 dockings and 822,561 tonnes shipped. Trailing closely were berth 103, with 10 dockings and 676,841 tonnes, and berth 105, with 11 dockings and 652,419 tonnes shipped.

The loading productivity reached 1,600 tons per hour monthly, which is the highest in the last three years; the yearly average is 1,518 tons per hour.

Most of the exported volume was destined for China, totaling 1,830,318 tonnes. Other destinations included Turkey, Spain, Egypt, and Italy. “We will continue investing in improvements to maintain and increase our capacity to meet the export volume demanded by our partners and international destinations, always with excellence,” emphasized Itaqui’s president, Gilberto Lins.

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