ICS launches new protocol to diminish seafarers´ risk of contagion from Covid-19

Aug, 28, 2020 Posted by datamarnews

Week 202035

The International Navigation Chamber (ICS), together with the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) and the International Association of Independent Oil Owners (Intertanko), have issued new protocols to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 cases onboard vessels.  The protocols aim to safeguard the health of seafarers and ensure the safe operations of maritime trade, offering governments and the general public the confidence that seafarers can embark and disembark responsibly.

Natalie Shaw, Director of Labor Affairs at ICS, said that “the new protocols are based on our previous guidelines and should give industry and governments confidence that maritime trade can operate safely, especially when there are suspected cases of COVID- 19 onboard ”.

“We have seen a small number of Covid-19 cases among the ship’s crews in recent weeks and have decided to take the initiative to create new protocols, along with IMHA and Intertanko,” said the professional.

Recently, concerns have been raised about Covid-19 infections onboard ships, due to the fact that a small minority does not follow industry guidelines. Although the number of cases has been limited, the protocols issued recently will provide shipowners and operators with the tools to safely manage cases on ships.

Based on previous health guidelines released by the ICS in May, the new protocols equip ship operators with two new instruments: a flow chart to help identify the process to be followed when dealing with a greater number of suspected cases on ships; and an array of PCR test procedures to help identify what to do and when, before boarding and whether a suspicious case is identified on board.

Source: Port Portal


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