Grimaldi Foundation sponsors master’s degrees at World Maritime University, Sweden

Dec, 18, 2021 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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The Grimaldi Foundation  (www.fondazionegrimaldi.com), established in 2007 by the Grimaldi Group (www.grimaldi.napoli.it), established in 1947, both based in Naples, Italy, recently signed an agreement with the World Maritime University, based in Malmo, to sponsor two students a year to attend the academic program Masters in Maritime Affairs”.

The program, object of the agreement signed between the organizations, which is now covered by the fellowship offered by the Grimaldi Foundation, has a duration of 14 months and is divided into three periods. The first one is focused on Fundamental Studies. The second period focuses on Specialized Studies, in which the student must choose one of seven specialization options, and the third focuses on the Dissertation.

Many WMU alumni have worked, or are working, for high-level international institutions, ministries and renowned shipping companies. Maritime institutions, governments, port authorities, and maritime companies value sending young employees to this type of program, which results in human resources gains and in the creating of international contacts for the countries and companies where they originally operate.

Considering the Grimaldi Group’s ties to South America, particularly Brazil and Argentina, where the group has been operating for more than three decades, and to countries in West Africa, where the group has operated for even longer, the Grimaldi Foundation decided to sponsor two students a year from these regions to attend the master’s program (Masters in Maritime Affairs) at the WMU headquarters in Malmo. This act reinforces Grimaldi Group’s social commitment to young professionals and students from these regions, granting them the opportunity to develop their skills in areas related to navigation, build solid networks in the context of world maritime organizations, in addition to creating growth opportunities for these future masters in their professional careers.

The program description is on the website below, as well as details on how to apply for one of the positions offered by the Grimaldi Foundation, in the “donors fellowship” category. Please note the application deadlines and that the program will begin in 2023. Applications expire on May 15, 2022, for students from countries outside the European Union. On the same website, the minimum requirements to participate in the selective process, which will be conducted by the university itself, are made available. Among others, some of these requirements are:

– Bachelor’s degree in a relevant filed, with a preference for courses related to foreign trade;


– Certificate of competence as a Commander, Master or Chief Marine Engineer;

– Proven professional experience related to maritime transportation;

– Proficiency in the English language, proven by an internationally recognized standardized test (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge – CAE or CPE)

– Computer skills (Microsoft Office package user level)

For more details on applications and requirements, visit the website: www.wmu.se/programmes/msc-malmo

For more details on the agreement signed between the Grimaldi Foundation and the World Maritime University, visit: www.grimaldi.napoli.it/en/read_216.html

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