GM starts exporting vehicles through the Port of Paranaguá

Jan, 24, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The Port of Paranaguá was chosen by GM – Chevrolet for shipments of vehicles produced in Rio Grande do Sul. In 2022, 2,372 cars of the brand were exported via Paranaguá, and in this month of January alone, another 1,350 were confirmed.

The operational advantages of the port in Paraná motivated the change of route. According to the primary port operator of vehicles in the state, the company Marcon, Paranaguá has attracted the market by offering differentiated conditions in the operation of Ro-Ro ships (rolling loads).

“We were able to ship a large quantity in a short time and with a shallow rate of damage. This makes the Port of Paranaguá more appealing, even if road freight is more expensive on this route change,” says Marcon manager Patrick Ferreira Tavares.

VEHICLES – In 2022, 57,359 of the 82,065 cars that passed through the Port of Paranaguá were exported. Loading accounts for nearly 70% of the total volume in this segment. The remaining 30% refer to landing operations: 24,706 cars.

In exports, the main movements are from Renault and, since last year, from GM. Regarding imports, the leading automakers arriving in Paraná are Audi and Volkswagen.

Last year, Renault exported 49,382 vehicles and imported another 587. Audi imported 4,595 cars. From Volkswagen, 19,524 units were imported, and 5,876 were shipped. From GM, 2,372 were exported.

The main destinations for cars exported through the Port of Paranaguá were Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay. On the other hand, the main origins of imports are Argentina, Hungary, Mexico, and Germany.

“In addition to the news from GM, we had vehicle models exported here in 2022 from Volkswagen, for example, that were previously shipped from other Brazilian ports,” says the Marcon representative.

Source: Informativo dos Portos

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