Fisheries industry in Brazil concerned over incoming tilapia imports

Oct, 25, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Tiago Bolan Frigo, the Secretary of State for Fisheries in Santa Catarina, expressed deep concerns about potential tilapia imports from other countries, emphasizing its threat to his state’s economy. He made these remarks during the “National Meeting of Fisheries and Aquaculture Managers” taking place this week in Brasília.

Frigo emphasized to the Minister of Fisheries, André de Paula, that this could have severe implications for the entire fish production chain, not only in Santa Catarina but across all of Brazil. He pointed out that, in addition to being the largest producer of oysters and mussels, Santa Catarina ranks fourth in tilapia production in the country.

In addition to expressing his concern about tilapia imports, Secretary Tiago Frigo took the opportunity to seek Minister André de Paula’s support for proposals registered in the Ministry of Fisheries system. These proposals aim to acquire tractors to expand professional artisanal fishing production, as well as machinery and equipment to assist aquaculturists.

“With 30% of Brazil’s fishing vessels, Santa Catarina stands out in the national fisheries and aquaculture scenario, and therefore, the approval of these projects is of utmost importance,” emphasized Frigo.

During the event at the Ministry of Fisheries auditorium, which took place on Monday, October 23, the Secretary also appealed for the release of resources for aquaculturists and fishermen in Santa Catarina who suffered the consequences of heavy October rains. According to their assessment, 219 establishments were affected.

The impacts on the sector include the overflowing and breaking of fish tanks and reservoirs, resulting in production losses and structural damage, along with large volumes of river water entering the bays, affecting mussel production and preventing fishing vessels from going out to sea.

“We estimate losses of over R$3 million and personally presented Santa Catarina’s requests to the Minister,” Secretary Frigo emphasized.

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