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First-ever sugar shipment to depart Cabedelo Port

Sep, 20, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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A first-time operation is about to take place at the Cabedelo Port, where Japungu Agroindustrial is scheduled to export 20,000 metric tons of demerara sugar in the coming days. There will be two shipments of 10,000 metric tons each. The final destination for this product is Central Africa, marking a historic moment as, until now, the Port of Cabedelo had no experience with sugar exports. This initiative could open up new export routes for sugar, diverting from the traditional route that involves the Ports of Recife and Suape.

With a continuous effort to uphold logistical conditions, such as bathymetry, maneuvers, and agility for new shipments, more shipments through the Port of Cabedelo may be possible.

This milestone represents not only an expansion opportunity for Japungu Agroindustrial but also a significant achievement for all sugar-producing companies in the state of Paraíba. Last year, companies in the state exported about 13,000 metric tons of the product through other ports. In 2023, there have already been exports of 35,260 metric tons of sugar produced in Paraíba.

It is important to emphasize that international market operations require strict quality standards, ensuring that the sugar produced in Paraíba meets all international requirements and standards.

The success of this operation is backed by the experience and reliability of the logistics operator Marlog, which has a solid track record in the industry, as well as the Federal Revenue Service, the Paraíba Docks Company, OGMO (Port Labor Management Authority), transporters, and workers involved.

The Port of Cabedelo represents a paradigm shift both in logistical terms and in the context of expanding export activities in Paraíba. This achievement comes after significant investments by the Government of Paraíba, including renovations to warehouses and port dredging. These improvements will allow the arrival of ships of up to 55,000 metric tons, as the dredging works have deepened the port’s entrance channel, making it accessible to larger vessels.

Source: Parlamento PB

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