Financial hardship in Argentina affects January exports of bananas

Feb, 27, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

Week 202309

Brazilian banana exports dropped in January compared to the same month last year. According to Secex, the volume shipped was 7.28 thousand tonnes, down 12%. As a result, revenue dropped 9%, amounting to just US$ 2.98 million (FOB).

See below Brazil’s exports of bananas (hs code 0803) transported in containers from Jan 2019 to Dec 2022. The data is from DataLiner.

Brazilian banana exports | Jan 2019 – Dec 2022 | TEU

Source: DataLiner (click here to request a demo)

This drop is due, despite the good volume harvested here, to financial obstacles in Argentina, one of the leading importers of the Brazilian fruit. Furthermore, there was a plentiful supply of bananas at lower prices and higher quality in Paraguay, Brazil’s main competitor. The scenario for February should be similar.

Source: HF Brasil

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