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Exports to Qatar from Tecon Rio Grande up 96%, say Wilson Sons

Jan, 02, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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The Fifa World Cup ended, but its impacts were felt beyond the arenas. For the economy of Rio Grande do Sul, for example, it represented the strengthening of an important consumer market: Qatar, the competition’s host country.

Through Tecon Rio Grande, Wilson Sons nearly doubled exports to the Arab country compared to the same period last year. From January to November, there was a 96% growth in containerized shipments driven by frozen chicken meat, representing approximately 85% of this total.

Considering poultry alone, 495 reefer containers or 990 TEUs were used. Also, wood, furniture, and eggs made it to the list of products exported to Qatar. In all, the terminal moved 15,945 tonnes, which corresponds to 1,204 TEU.

According to José Eduardo dos Santos, Executive President of the industry association ASGAV, the increase in demand for frozen chicken from Rio Grande do Sul is due, among other factors, to the quality of the product and how it is perceived abroad.

“This volume reflects the international preference for Brazilian poultry products, particularly those from Rio Grande do Sul, one of Brazil’s three largest exporters and producers. We see demand from countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, as avian influenza has been spreading around the world, which restricts the list of possible suppliers in countries like Qatar,” he explains.

In addition, the executive notes that the World Cup influenced these results, given that the number of consumers in Continental Asia has increased considerably. However, the opportunities shall not end with the end of the tournament, evaluates Santos.

“The preference for Brazilian products such as chicken meat is a trend that has been noticeable over the years since it has gained room not only in Qatar but also in many other countries in the region. This is very encouraging for us because our goal is to keep prospecting the market and spreading chicken brands from Rio Grande do Sul to build more and more trust with importers,” he says.

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