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EU lawmakers support ban of goods linked to deforestation

Sep, 14, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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EU lawmakers voted on Tuesday, September 13, in favor of a piece of legislation that aims to ban imports of products linked to deforestation. If the proposal passes to become a law, the EU will bar goods rated as such from commercialization in the countries that compose the eurozone.

Approval was broad. MEPs gathered in Strasbourg, France, supported and strengthened a plan from the EU’s executive arm with 453 votes to 57 and 123 abstentions.

With the approval of the majority of Parliament, the project moves to a new stage. Now, the EU legislators will start negotiations on the final text with EU member states. The rule must be approved by all countries that are part of the bloc to enter into force.

If the bill passes, Brazil’s foreign trade could be directly impacted as the draft law prohibits the importation of goods like cocoa, coffee, wood, corn, palm oil, soybeans, and products of animal origin in case of deforestation.

The European Parliament claims that the reduction of tropical forests worldwide is an “extremely serious problem” which limits the neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the proposal speaks of “danger to the survival of many animal and plant species.”

What do representatives of the European Parliament say?

Christophe Hansen of Luxembourg, the draft law’s rapporteur in the European Parliament, believes that this is a step forward for Europe in helping to preserve the environment. Without a mention of food insecurity, the lawmaker argued that such ideas could spark global trends.

“If we get the balance right between ambition, applicability, and WTO compatibility, this new tool has the potential to pave the way to deforestation-free supply chains,” claimed Hansen.

Also with no mention of the issue of food safety, MEP Anna Cavazzini from Germany believes that Europe needs to create more projects that deal with sustainability and the preservation of the environment of the entire planet.

“European corporations contribute to deforestation by importing meat, animal feed, and other products. We must do all in our power to prevent this,” Anna stated. “The same feeling of urgency is paramount in the next negotiations with member states.”

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