Charting Success: March Sets Record for Brazilian Agribusiness Market Openings

Apr, 02, 2024 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

Week 202414

Breaking previous records, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) had the best result in recent years in March 2024. With the performance achieved, the first quarter of 2024 became the most successful in history in terms of opening new markets for Brazilian agribusiness.

The monthly figures were as follows: March saw 10 new markets in seven countries; February had seven markets in six countries; and January recorded nine markets in five countries.

In terms of quarterly figures, only in 2021 did it come close to what was achieved this year when a total of 20 markets in nine countries were totaled.

Since the beginning of the year, 26 new markets have been opened in 18 countries, reaching a total of 104 since the start of 2023, the period when President Lula began his third term and Minister Carlos Fávaro took office at Mapa.

The market openings in 2024 already encompass all continents: Africa – South Africa, Botswana, Egypt, Oman, and Zambia; Asia – Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Singapore; Europe – Great Britain and Russia; Oceania – Australia; and the Americas – Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, the United States, and Mexico.

“But we don’t want to stop there. We will continue to engage in dialogue with countries to further expand Brazilian product exports,” said Minister Fávaro.

The records of the openings do not only include the sale of traditional products of which Brazil is already a major exporter, such as meats and the soy complex but also various agricultural products such as fish; seeds; gelatin and collagen; eggs; animal recycling products; powdered acai; green coffee; and embryos and semen.

“Opening a market is more than just unlocking a new opportunity for the farmer; it is opening a wide door to unlimited possibilities. I am deeply convinced that through our collaboration and joint dedication, we will ensure that our producers not only approach this door but successfully cross it, expanding their horizons and achieving new levels of success, generating more jobs and income,” highlights Roberto Perosa, Secretary of Trade and International Relations at Mapa.

See below the new markets opened in the quarter in alphabetical order:

– Acai powder (India)
– Tilapia fingerlings (the Philippines)
– Donkeys (Mexico)
– Live cattle (Oman)
– Live cattle (Pakistan)
– Green coffee (Zambia)
– Poultry meat (El Salvador)
– Sheep meat and products (Singapore)
– Goat meat and offal (Egypt)
– Sheep meat and offal (Egypt)
– Mesenchymal stem cells of horses, dogs, and cats (Costa Rica)
– Bovine embryo (Botswana)
– In vivo and in vitro bovine embryos (Pakistan)
– Beef extract (Singapore)
– Bovine and porcine gelatin and collagen (El Salvador)
– Equine, caprine, and ovine gelatin and collagen (United States)
– Porcine gelatin and collagen (Canada)
– Porcine gelatin and collagen (Great Britain)
– Eggs (El Salvador)
– Eggs and egg products (Russia)
– Fish (Australia)
– Cultured fish and derivatives (South Africa)
– Animal recycling products (the Philippines)
– Bovine semen (Botswana)
– Bovine semen (Pakistan)
– Seeds (Saudi Arabia)

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