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Brazil’s Port Sector: ANTAQ Reveals Details of Upcoming Terminal Leasing Plans

Apr, 02, 2024 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Brazil’s National Agency for Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ) announced in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU) the opening of bids for the first set of port terminals to go through leasing in 2024, on Tuesday (2). The auction is set for May 23.

This initial set includes six areas. Four are located in the Port of Recife (PE), named REC04, REC08, REC09, and REC10. Another terminal is situated in the Port of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), known as RDJ06, and the sixth terminal is in the Port of Rio Grande (RS), referred to as RIG10.

The total investment in these areas is estimated to be R$ 89.7 million. All port terminal leasing procedures will follow a simplified model for up to 10 years without the possibility of extension.

REC04 is designated for handling and storing bulk solids and general cargo, with an estimated investment of R$ 3.6 million. REC08, focused on vegetable bulk solids, is expected to receive about R$ 50.9 million in investments.

REC09 specializes in handling solid bulk and general cargo, particularly rice, with an estimated investment of R$ 2.2 million. REC10 will receive nearly R$ 3 million for the handling and storage of bulk solids and general cargo.

On the other hand, RDJ06, handling liquid general cargo, expects investments of R$ 22.2 million. For RIG10, the expected investment is R$ 7.8 million. This terminal handles and stores general cargo.

Further details about the auction, tender notice, and requirements for participation will soon be available on the ANTAQ website.

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