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Brazilian poultry exports to the UAE up 45%

Sep, 08, 2022 Posted by Sylvia Schandert

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Brazilian poultry protein exports to the United Arab Emirates grew 45% from January to August this year compared to the same period in 2021, according to figures released by the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA). The Arab country was one of the highlights in sales for the period. The UAE bought 319,000 tonnes of Brazilian poultry.

In total, Brazil exported 3.266 million tonnes of poultry in the first eight months of the year, a volume 7.1% higher than recorded in the same period last year. In revenue, the increase was 33.7% in the same comparison, with USD 6.542 billion reported from January to August 2022.

“The global scenario is highly demanding for Brazil’s animal protein, with a particular emphasis on poultry exports, which have pressured prices worldwide. In this context, with a sensitive sanitary framework in many markets, Brazil has reaped the rewards of remaining free of Avian Influenza, with a forecast for record shipments in 2022, close to 5 million tonnes over the twelve months of the year. All of this, while also supplying the Brazilian market,” said the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin, in a release by the association.

In addition to the UAE, highlights in sales in the first eight months of the year were Japan, with purchases of 277,600 tonnes and a 2% increase, and the Philippines, which acquired 165,000 tonnes, up 47% from the same months of 2021. The European Union also increased purchases by 29% to 163,200 tonnes, and South Korea purchased 63% more, with 124,300 tonnes.

Solely in August, Brazilian poultry protein exports rose 15.3% in volume compared to the same month in 2021 to 437,800 tonnes. Sales revenue tallied a record-breaking USD 922.1 million, 36.1% higher than August 2021.

Source: ANBA

To read the full original article, please go to: https://anba.com.br/en/brazilian-poultry-exports-to-the-uae-up-45/

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