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Brazilian container shipping analysis by trade lane: Jan-May 2020

Jul, 14, 2020 Posted by datamarnews

Week 202029

How has Brazilian container shipping been performing within each trade lane in 2020? What is the impact of the global pandemic on Brazilian foreign trade? A survey carried out by Datamar shows that when looking at the cumulative total for Brazilian container shipping in the first five months of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, the performance of exports has been varied, with it growing, remaining stable, or falling depending on the trade lane in question.  On the import side, on the other hand, most trade lanes saw a decrease in trade. The following is a detailed analysis by trade lane:

Mediterranean and Black Sea

Brazilian exports to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea remained practically stable, with a slight increase of 0.05%, reaching 96,738.32 TEU. On the import side, there was a 3.16% increase in volume, at 75,419.98 TEU during this period.

Source: DataLiner

Far East, Southeast Asia, and Oceania

As for the Far East, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, exports grew by a significant 14.01%, with shipments registering 291,974.57 TEU by volume. Imports from this region fell slightly by 0.69%, down to 421,487.34 TEU.

Source: DataLiner

Northern Europe and the Baltic region

This trade lane experienced a modest drop in exports of 1.58%, to 143,732.47 TEU. Imports from this region grew 4.08%, to 196,286.79 TEU.

Source: DataLiner

Southeast Africa, Middle East and Indian subcontinent

In this trade lane, there was a growth of 7.25% in exports to 27,267.33 TEU, whilst imports from this region fell 23.63%, to 3,462.50 TEU.

Source: DataLiner

Western Africa

Exports to West Africa shot up by 14.97%, to 39,892.94 TEU. The fall in imports from this region was particularly pronounced at 40.54%, dropping to 563 TEU.

Source: DataLiner

Caribbean, NCSA and USA / Gulf of Mexico

Here there was a slight drop in exports of 1.40%, with the volume registering 20,225 TEU. In this trade lane, the fall in imports was 27.48%, reaching 438 TEU.

Source: DataLiner

South America West Coast
To the West Coast of South America, the fall in exports was 9.06%, with shipments at 54,179.78 TEU. In terms of imports, the fall was more modest at 1.56%, down to 16,127.00 TEU.

Source: DataLiner


There was also a 9.88% drop in exports to the ECSA region during this period, to 27,832.40 TEU. Imports from the ECSA region also fell by 12.30%, to a volume of 22,471 TEU.

Source: DataLiner


Exports here rose by 6.54%, to 16,728 TEU. Imports rose by 7.23% in volume, to 5,750 TEU.

Source: DataLiner


This trade lane had an export volume of 115,887 during the period comparison, representing a 5.87% drop. Imports increased slightly by 0.81%, to 63,922.50 TEU.

Source: DataLiner
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