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Brazil sugar exports up 26% in April YoY

May, 05, 2021 Posted by Andrew Lorimer

Week 202119

In April, Brazil exported 1.904 million tons of sugars and molasses, 25.67% more than in the same month last year, when a total of 1.515 million tons was shipped. But the April ’21 exports decreased by 3.62% compared to the 1.975 million tons exported a month earlier, in March.

Data from SECEX (the Ministry of Finance’s foreign trade secretariat), show that the revenue from the sector’s total exports in April was US $ 615.59 million, 38.52% higher than the US$ 444.40 million obtained in the month of April last year and 3.83% lower than the US $ 640.09 million reported in March 2021.

Brazilian Sugar Exports (HS 1701) per quarter | Jan to Mar 2018-2021 | WTMT

The annual increase in volume and revenue is due to the increased production in Brazil, which prioritized sugar in the recent harvest, due to the drop in production in important countries such as Thailand, and also due to the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the demand for ethanol in the country. The decreases in comparison with the previous month, on the other hand, are due to the delay in the 2021/22 harvest in Brazil’s central-southern region. There was less of the sweetener available in April than in March.

In the year-to-date results –  the sum of this month’s data and Agrostat data for the previous months – the country exported 7.7 million tons of sugars and molasses, and revenue for the period was $ 2.455 billion; these figures represent increases of 32.21% and 42.57%, respectively, in comparison with the same period in 2020.


Source: Nova Cana

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