Brazil Secures New Export Authorizations for Açaí and Lamb Products

Feb, 09, 2024 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Brazil has just received two new authorizations from Indian and Singaporean health authorities for the exportation of its products. In India, the market has been opened for açaí powder, while in Singapore, it’s for lamb meats and meat products.

The previous year, India had already granted entry to Brazilian açaí juice into its territory. Traditionally, açaí exports have been concentrated in purée form, with Brazil standing out as a leader both in the production and export of the fruit.

In 2023, açaí purée trade reached $314,744, equivalent to 79 tons. This volume represents a 41% increase compared to the previous year, 2022, when 48 tons of the product were exported. The United States is the main importer of the product.

Meanwhile, the market for lamb meats moved nearly $969,720 in Brazilian exports to the world last year. For instance, Singapore imported $26 million worth of frozen boneless mutton cuts from other countries, mostly from Australia.

The newly opened market is also supported by a recent pre-listing agreement signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa) and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), allowing Brazilian authorities to be responsible for certifying eligible slaughterhouses for export, demonstrating the confidence of the other country’s government in the quality of the Brazilian sanitary system.

Last year, India imported $2,909,893,508 worth of agricultural products from Brazil, while Singapore acquired $675,085,524. With entry into these new markets, the Brazilian agribusiness achieved the 11th expansion in international trade for the year.

Since the beginning of 2024, new markets have been opened for export in seven countries, including bovine embryos and semen for Botswana; gelatin and collagen for the United States; tilapia fingerlings and animal recycling products for the Philippines; live cattle, bovine embryos (in vitro and in vivo), and bovine semen for Pakistan; and breeding animals for Mexico. In 2023, Brazil reached the historic milestone of 78 new markets in 39 countries.


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