Brazil black bean exports go to distance

Jun, 22, 2022 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Between January and May of 2022, Brazil exceeded 26 million dollars in black bean exports. In just five months, the country has already sold more to the foreign market than in the entire of 2021, highlights Ibrafe, Brazil’s pulses and beans institute.

“Brazil’s southern region produced at least 80,000 tonnes more than the average of recent years and, consequently, increased exports. In 2021, a volume of black bean exports worth 25 million dollars were shipped between January and December, making this year’s result stand out,” says Marcelo Lüders, president of Ibrafe.

In terms of exported volume, Brazilian sellers of black beans broke a new record by surpassing, for the first time in history, the significant mark of 8,500 tonnes. “It’s not much, but it’s promising when we remember that in 2018 there were zero exports of black beans”, celebrates the president of Ibrafe.

“I have maintained that Brazil will be able to export black beans in the first half of each year if prices are favorable and import from Argentina if necessary in the second half because we have a bigger concentration of supplies in the first months of the year. We’ve even evaluated the flow of worldwide offers in advance, so we know what the offer will be like at the start of the next year around September,” the manager says.

Source: AgroLink

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