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Brazil and Uruguay strengthen partnerships in infrastructure works

Nov, 10, 2023 Posted by Gabriel Malheiros

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Silvio Costa Filho, Minister of Ports and Airports (MPor), met with the Uruguayan ambassador to Brazil, Guilherme Valles, on Thursday afternoon (9th) to discuss infrastructure partnerships between the two countries. During the meeting, they committed to significant infrastructure projects connecting the two nations, including dredging and signaling the Mirim Lagoon waterway in Rio Grande do Sul.

Known as the Brazil-Uruguay waterway, the initiatives aim to enhance safety for vessels and facilitate cargo transportation in the southern region of South America. The dredging and signaling works will take place in the São Gonçalo Canal, connecting both lagoons in the stretch between the Sangradouro Canal (Extreme North) and the Access Canal to the Port of Santa Vitória do Palmar (Extreme South). The bidding process is expected to be launched in December.

Another topic discussed in the meeting was the bi-nationalization of Rivera Airport in Uruguay. Rivera is approximately 500 kilometers from the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, and shares a border with Sant’Ana do Livramento in Rio Grande do Sul. The agreement will connect air routes between the two countries, promoting tourism and generating employment and income for the residents of the serviced cities. Currently undergoing renovations, the airport is scheduled to open in mid-December. The agreement aims to eliminate bureaucracy and bring more flights to the Santana do Livramento region (RS).

Another important project is the construction of the second bridge over the Jaguarão River, located on the BR-116/RS highway. The bridge will enhance the infrastructure in the border region, playing a crucial role in facilitating the movement of people and goods between the countries and strengthening bilateral relations.

Minister Silvio Costa Filho emphasized that these projects are essential for expanding the commercial relationship between Brazil and Uruguay. “We will be present at the opening ceremonies that will bring more quality to the airport and more tourists to both countries,” highlighted the minister.

The meeting also included the participation of Senator Luis Carlos Heinze and Uruguayan Consul Santiago Ferrari-Rossi.

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